Monday, 6 January 2014


it's 2014.

I'm expecting some new things to happen in my life.
But I think, I may ended having life as super sorrow as before.
Thank Allah to send me a lot of good friends to me, to be beside me, to face this dull life together,.
Well, yeah.I shall say it's a very dull life.
Anyway, in this new year, I hope and expect more exciting things to happen in my life.
The thing regarding my college. hmm.
it will be a 'never ending story to be told'.
I just don't know the exact feeling right now.
Whether to stay focus in building my career as a teacher, or to just go with the flow.
my spirits are turning down.
its not a good thing.
I can't help myself to be stay calm, happy in this college,
I just thought that 'hey , my university-life would be awesome!'
yeah, that thought came out after listening to my senior's stories about being in the universities and yeah, media also plays well too.
I just can't tolerate the eager feeling about the excitement  to be in the university when I was still in the secondary school.
I just hope my life in secondary school would run faster so that I can feel the moment about being a university-student.
UNFORTUNATELY, its all went wrong.

never thought I would come here, 
having a same, common, bored, dull life here.
I didn't say about the students here.
well, students here are awesome, 
what I mean is the environment itself.
the same classes, lecturers, activities.
well come on!
we're teenagers.
we need something new,
something fresh,
something exciting,
something good to be memorise,

I just can say these LOUDLY in my own little tiny dull heart.
I was hoping to change my life.
but HOW?
Allah knows that.
He knows me better than everyone does.
I'm sure, He has placed something very good in the future for me.
All I need to do is TO BE PATIENT.

take care of yourselves,
look after your iman, 
your ibadah,
your behave,
your attitudes,
think about your family.

inshaAllah, everything will run smoothly. 


Friday, 3 January 2014

it's the beginning.

hey, its 


may this year will be greater, better and brings more barakah than the years before.