Thursday, 24 January 2013

Maulidur Rasul ;)

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahiwabarakatuh,,
salam Maulidur Rasul untk semua Muslim..
salam ummah maju jaya..^_^.insyallah.

Muslims, do you realize that the birth of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was the most historical things in the worldwide history? No, right? okay,I admit. Me too. I was like taking this thing lightly before because I wasn't really realize His importance towards us. Some ppl or in truth 'Muslim', just only have those wishes like 'hai, salam maulidurrasul' to family, frens and so on. And they have that to be spread. Once, I was in the secondary school, or in the earlier stage, primary school,I wasn't really  glad to be on those perarakan and what-so-ever la. My opinion was, 'perlu ke?' , 'malas la nak berarak-arak nih', 'ish, membazir masa'. Allahuakbar, I was really a very2 lost person or in malay = JAHILIAH. okay,now also, I'm not that perfect Muslim, but I'm trying my best. 

last year, was the latest I had the perarakan at putrajaya. It was fun,actually. =).

'Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (نبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم) is the last messenger of Allah. He is the bearer of blessing for the entire universe and is the Prophet for all people in the world. Indeed, the Prophet Muhammad is a gift and God's gift to mankind to show the straight and true.

He is not only a Prophet but also as a Caliph, who heads the Islamic armies, change to humanity, teach about the meaning of brotherhood, morality and the meaning of life because everything is towards the God (Allah SWT).

Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca and passed away at Medina. Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger and prophet of humanity and the universe. Prophet Muhammad is complement of the teaching of Islam. He was also called Al Amin (الأمين) which means 'terpuji'.

Rasulullah SAW

Name: Muhammad bin 'Abdullah bin' Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim
Date of birth: Monday, 12 Rabiulawal / 20 April 571M (known as the elephant; conjunction with the Elephant event (Abrahah) that attacked Mecca)
Passed away on : Monday, 12 Rabiulawal year 11H/ 8 Jun 632M.

For this year, I didn't go for the perarakan. Its just I didn't get that feel.So, as the replacement of it, I make the cover song of Ya Rasulullah..,Subhanalah,I really love this 'praising Baginda SAW' song. 

Engkau taburkan pengorbananmu
Untuk umatmu yang tercinta
Biar terpaksa tempuh derita
Cekalnya hatimu menempuh ranjaunya

Ya Rasulullah, even we never see you, meet you..but we do miss you. Allahuakbar. May we become the better and better Muslim and Muslimah in future. Insyallah.