Friday, 3 May 2013


Salam minggu orang mau ngundi~
tapi bukan untuk diri2 manusia yang lahir 1993 and 1992 dan ke bawah la ehh~ 

okay, about the tittle up there ----> DAURAH.

Do you know what is Daurah?

Actually, I also don't know the real meaning of it. I mean the actual meaning of that. But, its actually about a sharing or meeting among people to share some good knowledge or information. kinda like Usrah. err. I guessed.
But, what's for sure is daurah brings good to you. #serious talk.

From this daurah, I knew a lot about our Muslim's war such as Perang Badar and so on. I also got to know about hadiths and surah2 which bring deep meaning to people especially among Muslims.
Oh yeah, I also got to know about our responsibilities as Muslims to bring our life in the correct path or ways. Not only that, I did get to know about the history of prophets especially about Nabi Muhammad SAW. :)

*da macam buat refleksi dah, lantaklah~

some of my stuffs..

jaja, mirah, insyi. :)



hope to have this sort of acitivies in future..:)

Thanks Allah for choosing me to be in this way.


Pidato Antarabangsa~

Let's learn about Bahasa Malaysia!!

okay, don't get misunderstood. its about Bahasa Malaysia itself, not about the language. ehh?? Macam sama tapi tak. Okay, what I'm trying to say is not to learn about the structure or grammar or other sort of that thing. Its just about the Bahasa Malaysia, Get it?

Tahukah anda?

  • Bahasa Malaysia merupakan bahasa kebangsaan negara Malaysia yang mengikuti piawaian ditetapkan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. 
  • Bahasa Malaysia lebih daripada 80% kognitif dengan Bahasa Indonesia dan dituturkan asli oleh lebih daripada 10 juta orang. 
  • Bahasa Malaysia dituturkan sebagai bahasa kedua oleh 18 juta orang, sebahagian besar daripada etnik minoriti negara Malaysia.
  • Bahasa Malaysia juga merupakan bahasa KELIMA yang terbesar digunakan dalam rating dunia 
Hebat kan Bahasa Malaysia!!!

*mesti anda2 yang membaca post saya berkata 'dah tu, dah tawu proud ngan bahasa Malaysia, asal tak guna BM je dalam blog?'

well, I'm gonna be an English teacher one day, In shaa Allah, so, I guess, with this kind of practices, I could enhance my English language. Hope so.
I hope, there's no one out there would be mistaken about this.

So, berbalik pada story yang sebenar-benarnya.

My friends and I went to this one event. It was Pidato Bahasa Melayu Antarabangsa. There were so many foreigners speaking in Bahasa Malaysia! Its OHSEM. REALLY OHSEM. The moment they began to speak, I felt touched. Never know that there were foreigners could be fluently speaking in our language.



World Kidney Run!


dengar macam gah je kan? well its an event held in Malaysia to create awareness among malaysian towards kidney. (okey, bunyi bahasa inggeris aku macam pelik, lantak lah.haha)

I don't go there to run, just for the voluntary works with my friends. Actually, I kinds missed those moments when I went for voluntary work. So, since, I'd done nothing on that Sunday, I guessed it would be great if I just go and spent my time there.

When everyone still had their sleep, we'd already go out and do this voluntary work,haha, (its kinda awesome actually)
4.30 a.m, we'd already been there (the venue). So early in the morning, 

I meant very early in the morning.

Everyone's eyes were like 


HAHAHA. okay, back to story.

so, our job was to give out waters to the runners. at about 7.45 a.m , the race started. And there's some runners managed to reach at about 8.45 a.m..So early.! I'm wondering, how can they be so fast.. it's for about 15 km I guessed. -,-

Okay, whatever it is, I just wanna said that I really enjoyed this 'water-giving' job. You feel like, you're really helping those people. They were so so so so exhausted, All they just wanted by the time they reached the 'finish-line' was WATER! WATER! 

So, when you give water to them , its feel like, you're saving people out from their 'barely able to live' moments. HAHAHA. *propa sungguh, 

 Can you see the bottles I was holding right there???? hehe

Let your head spin. ngehh

the volunteers of the day~ phewww

Tired? Of course we are. But, we were glad. I meant really glad doing that work. :)
Oh ya, and also I got some 'health check-up'...its free there!

And my health condition was ALHAMDULILLAH okay. I'm healthy!


thats all.

thank you.