Friday, 3 May 2013

World Kidney Run!


dengar macam gah je kan? well its an event held in Malaysia to create awareness among malaysian towards kidney. (okey, bunyi bahasa inggeris aku macam pelik, lantak lah.haha)

I don't go there to run, just for the voluntary works with my friends. Actually, I kinds missed those moments when I went for voluntary work. So, since, I'd done nothing on that Sunday, I guessed it would be great if I just go and spent my time there.

When everyone still had their sleep, we'd already go out and do this voluntary work,haha, (its kinda awesome actually)
4.30 a.m, we'd already been there (the venue). So early in the morning, 

I meant very early in the morning.

Everyone's eyes were like 


HAHAHA. okay, back to story.

so, our job was to give out waters to the runners. at about 7.45 a.m , the race started. And there's some runners managed to reach at about 8.45 a.m..So early.! I'm wondering, how can they be so fast.. it's for about 15 km I guessed. -,-

Okay, whatever it is, I just wanna said that I really enjoyed this 'water-giving' job. You feel like, you're really helping those people. They were so so so so exhausted, All they just wanted by the time they reached the 'finish-line' was WATER! WATER! 

So, when you give water to them , its feel like, you're saving people out from their 'barely able to live' moments. HAHAHA. *propa sungguh, 

 Can you see the bottles I was holding right there???? hehe

Let your head spin. ngehh

the volunteers of the day~ phewww

Tired? Of course we are. But, we were glad. I meant really glad doing that work. :)
Oh ya, and also I got some 'health check-up'...its free there!

And my health condition was ALHAMDULILLAH okay. I'm healthy!


thats all.

thank you.