Monday, 24 December 2012

Such an unplanned day 1#

Part 1#

Assalamualaikumm,,salam musim banjir, musim brpndah-randah..

*kpd yg trlibat dgn musibah banjir, bnyk2 lah bersabar eh..stiap bnda yg jd tu ad hikmahnya,.

well, i'm trully believed upon this statement--> everything happens for a reason..yes THOUSANDS REASONS from ALLAH SWT..

things just gone smooth for me through my holiday.
actually, nothing interesting..just some usual thing i did everyday, over and over again,..
wake up, pray, eat, sleep, watch tv, chit-chatting wif family.

its common right?
oh,yeah, i've gone to picnic as my 'holiday trip'..where??
Titi Hayun waterfall *the same place I went over and over again since i small.
then, for the first time in my life i went to Pantai Murni, lil kilometres far from the waterfall. its so fascinating. 

Ya ALLAH,,indah kan??

well, ALLAH made all these. no other things can compete what He created.


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