Monday, 24 December 2012

Such an unplanned day 3#

Part 3#

 time has turned 12.40 a.m..
i'm still writing...haha. *klo dah rajen  update tu haa, mmg laa.

okehh, previously i talked about my picnic, driving class,,
in this entry, im gonna share something about my time wif cousins through my holiday,

*Ya Allah ap hal skema sgt ayt aku nih.

okay, back to my topic.

 i was planning to go to a funfair at stadium wif my family, but since they busy working ,i just let my intention flew away.
 that day was Wednesday.
my parents worked on that day and usually we don't go out in weekdays. we just go out when its weekends.
actually i was EXTREMELY bored that day but i actually was not too well . i had headaches on that whole day. its a coincidence that my cousin, mira was on leave from her work. so, i asked her to go to the funfair wif me and my siblings. mira could drive. so i guess she will easily say yes and fullfill my wish. but i was wrong. her car broke down. at first i was planning to let her drive my mother's car since it will not be used by my mother nor my father. however, my father not allowing me to do that since our car also always broke down lately. time turned to 8.45 pm. i have not decide anything. mirul and tasha had already prepared themselves for the funfair. me still thinking how to reach there,. i kinda felt pity for my siblings if i said to them that 'no funfair, our plan has canceled'.

so, i talked to my mom, whether she can bring us there,.
our luck came *bergolek-golek. like giving a pillow to sleepy people..

my mom agree to send us. 
at first , i thought she just want to send us, but finally she joined us too.haha. 

tasha,my sister

this is miraa. she's 21. 

my beloved mama,;)

after tired playing 3 out of many games there, i felt hungry,, im searching for 'aiskrim goreng'.. i went for the ice cream searching wif mira where i suddenly met this awesome,humble guy..;)

lol,i never thought i could met him there. but, Allah  gave rezeqi to me to met this wonderful guy. he's humble, friendly.. a non-stop smiler.;).. it's good to meet him there. 

hmmm,,well, what im trying to say here is Allah plans everything, but when we desired a thing, do make some efforts to make it success.
 Insyallah, with His blessings, we will manage to do what we wish..

such an unplanned day, right?