Monday, 24 December 2012

Such an unplanned day 2#

Part 2#

Assalamualaikumm..yeah,salam kehujanan,salam penuh kesabaran..

my last post--> was about my picnic..
now, its about my driving licence class.
oh yeah, actually i was not planning to take this class. coz i know it took quite of money. around RM 700 i guess..isn't it?
 i'm just from a moderate family. not that rich nor too poor. you get me?
haha*talking to myself like a mad girl

so, what i'm trying to say here is my parents are now busy preparing stuffs for my siblings' school for next year. so, they use quite a lot of money,.i understand them, so i guess maybe its not the right time to get my driving class.

however, Allah ,the most merciful.
He gave me the chance. He gave me rezeqi to take this driving class. 
my mom suddenly asked me one day, 'Kak, nak ambik lesen kereta?'

me: smiling widely till ears. of course i want it. 
Alhamdulillah, from His berkah, i manage to take this driving class. I passed my QTI n now im waiting for my JPJ test this 15th january.
*hey, do pray for me..;)

heyyy,this is me,one day..Insyallah/;)


  1. amik test cepat. pastu masa test jpj, jgn lpe snyum. abam abam jpj garang oh

  2. hai sir nihh,suka nk 'menggertak' org ehhh..;p

  3. dak aih, sungguhla. be konfiden ! :P