Monday, 22 December 2014

Blank minded

Well yeah, of course there are many sad moments and stories, along the last day we met.
 after knowing that 126 of us are going to be separated.....

including me.
But I just can't shed the tears because at that time I still can't believe the things that happened. I still believe that all these were just pranks.
And seeing friends around me, crying, shedding their tears, I told myself  'I can't cry here, I have to be strong'. So, on the day we separated, I just smile and even laugh on tiny little things which I rarely do. 

Along the way back from Putrajaya to Kedah, I reflected myself on what has happened, and what will going to happen.

I swear, it's literally a dull, sad, gloomy day. 


The day we are at home, we still contacted each other. 

For me, I'm glad along 3 years I went through in Kirkby, I learnt the meaning of life, the struggle of staying far from family, the challenges on the tasks and assignments, the treats from the lecturers (oh yeah, I'm kinda a naughty students; I usually protest, be late to class, sometimes skipped class, fights with librarians, with the 'mbak cafe' and so on), the unpredictable moments with friends; Gegaloks, Akobies and classmates. There used to be fights between us, but as life goes on, we reconciled and became friends back. (^_^)

that's all experience, right?

So 126 of us just wait for the day to become 'junior' once again in Teacher Training Institute (IPG). 

IPSAH, mu tunggu aku datang!

to be continue...

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