Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tick Tock Tickie Time

it's 8.48 pm in the evening,
and I'm reminiscing memories and things that had happened in my life until this secs.

My previous post really shocked me a lot.

Because I have wished something that I never thought it would happen to me. 

My year began with something usual, something extra normal, which is I wake up, prepare myself to class, go back to hostel, finishing assignments, chit chatting with friends, watching Korean movies, songs, pray then sleep. My days continue with same things, same people, same routine.

I always thought,
"What a dull life".

Thank Allah, in this dull life, I actually found some peace and interesting moments when I joined Usrah and other things that involve in 'pemantapan akidah'. WOW

So, I lived my life, day by day, hours by hours, minutes by minutes, seconds by seconds.

Until I had my Sem 3 examination, and had our holidays break.


What happened along the holiday???

To be continue.

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