Sunday, 14 December 2014

Shocked news

my holiday?

haha, not so-called holiday..

Because I just spend my holiday at home.

But nevermind, I don't mind. It's bonding time!! lah sangat.
 haha, it's bonding time when there is no internet at home. 

Got me?

So, my usual dull but not so-dull holiday was suprised with texts from my colleagues.

Actually, I was one of the people who got the new late. Because I muted all wechat and whatsapp group and I rarely go online on FB. But I saw this kinda shocked news from Twitter. 

so, those tweets are?

 'Weh, takkanlah masok IPG?'
'Omagoshh taknak berpisah dengan kirkbytes'
'BPG tengah troll kita ke?'
'Aku rasa BPG salah orang kot'
'Kesian kat kita, batch experiment'

and more.

I was like 'what the h*** are you tweeting?'

then I began to unmute all those wechat and whatsapp groups and tried to find out what's happening. 

So, the news are possibly true. 
I was like 100% shocked.

Can't believe those news. 
So, kirkbytes were asked to go to bangunan pendidikan at putrajaya on this one day.

Can't actually remember this date because I actually don't want to remember the date.

The day we are going to be separated. 

Lotsa things right?

hmm, to be continue.

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