Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yeah, that's the way,,

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu Malaysia....

actually i don't really have any idea to write this time..
but if I could, I do really wanna share about my life, what's happening before and the latest,,
unluckily, I don't really have the strength to share it out, until now.............

before that, what do you think about the picture below?

ahaksssss, it does make you feel dizzy, right???:p..sorry, just kidding...

well, my entry this time would be most about myself..
my name is Tengku Anis Diana Shahira bt. Tengku Nasir...actually, I don't really want my friends or any people call me with the tittle 'Tengku' ,,coz it sounds like a different status in life...once, in my kindergarten life , my friends use to call me 'Anis', and it continued until std. day, my mom discovered it and asked

 "kak, kwn2 awak pnggil awk ap kt skolah?"

and I replied " kwn2 pnggil kak , anis,..npe ma?"

my mum explained "kak, sboleh-bolehnya, mntk kwn2 n cgu2 pnggil awk , Tengku, k? sbb awk ad drah kturunan raja DULU2.."

"klo, kwn2 pnggil kak Anis je x boleh ke ma?"

"bkn x boleh, tp pnggilan ini da diamal sjak dr trun-temurun, kan elok klo kita pelihara generasi kita,kn?"

" plik la ma, mcm nma laki je,,,"

"x pelik pn, lme2 ok la,lgpun, tok ku (my father's father) pn pesan kat mama srh anak2 mama dipnggil 'Tengku', mama ikt je la"

"hmm,,ye la2..kak try k.."

so, that was when I tried to make my friends to call me as 'Tengku', I hope my friends who has read this entry,will understand why I want them to call me with that tittle,,I am juz paying my respect towards my ancesstors..not to be kinda arrogant and snobbish girl to have that kind of name.;)

so, to make it simple, you all can call me Tengku, Ku, or Que (Q)...;)
that's all some history of my name,,

that's all ...thank you...;)


  1. hye tengku :) hehe .. best apa pnggil mcm tu .. laen dari org .. unik keyh ..huhu

  2. hye, iema;)
    huu mula2 mmg rsa kekok da lme tu bese daa..;)anywy,thnx eh.^^